Learn to Create Lasting Positive Change!

A Life Changing Workshop

  • Are you tired of feeling exhausted, undervalued, empty, anxious or frustrated?

  • Are you stuck in the belief that you are not enough?

  • Do you feel destined to be defined by your experiences or your past?

  • Would you like to get clear about what you want & what is keeping you from having it?

Here's what some of our Workshop Participants have been saying:

"Makes you consider & think about things that you wouldn't on your own..."

"Very eye-opening & empowering!"

"This is very important information that everyone should be taught."

Join us for an evening of enlightenment as we begin to explore the most amazing and effective method for creating positive and lasting change!

My name is Tamara Dodgson - I'm a Certified Coach & Life Strategist and my mission is to help you reclaim your personal power so that you can live life on your own terms!

During this powerful two-hour workshop, you will learn:

  • The Six Human Needs that drive all human behavior & how they control your life

  • How to identify & eliminate the Limiting Beliefs that may be holding you back

  • How the quality of your life is determined by the emotions you experience every day

  • How you can drastically change the way you think & feel on a daily basis

"I learned so much during this workshop and it totally opened my mind to things I've never thought about. Definitely life changing!"

Come and see what Strategic Intervention can do for you!

"It's only a small journey to a new direction." - Jim Rohn

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