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Please Play Again

There you are. Sitting in your desperately needing to be cleaned car, having a shitty day and an even shittier week. The winter wind suddenly whips around you in a swirl of salt sprayed dust and snow, sandblasting your bonnet and windshield and kindly reminding you that yes, sunshine, it is still winter in Newfoundland. You take a nice long deep breath and let out a big long sigh. Thankfully, you finally drain the last few drops of your crappy tasting coffee that they forgot to put the single sugar in that you asked for, and as you lower the cup from your dry, chapped lips, you remember that it's that time. Yes, It's time to woll up the wim, I mean roll up the rim.

You stop to take in the lovely pictures of the prizes that sit taunting you on the side of the cup. Gee, you think, that $5000 CIBC prepaid card would sure come in handy. Even one of those $50 Tim's Gift Cards would be nice. You quickly glance and consider the GT Bicycle, but think, "Nah. I already have a decent bike." Course, you've already won one each of the multitudes of free coffees and "Oh Geez, like I really need that" sugar filled deep fried donuts. Ah, but then there's the big prize. The sporty and beautiful white Jeep Compass 4X4. Now THAT I could stand to take for a spin. Well, maybe not just a spin. Maybe a really, really, long, fun, never ending and adventurous spin. The kind that finds you tired and lost and dirty and full of mud in the middle of butt F*** nowhere kind of spin. Yes, that would come in very handy right about now.

You think about how awesome it would be to drive that sexy new thing home to your house, fill it to the brim with all your gear, kiss the kids goodbye and haul a** to the nearest gas station to fill er up and hit the road. Next stop, Argentia Ferry for the 16-18 hour long diesel fuelled rickety boat ride off the rock and onto the mainland for a one way trip to sunnier locations, warmer weather and colorful little umbrella filled fruity cocktails. Sleeping bag, couple of books, armload of CD's, and a caseload of vienna sausages and Giddy up.

Ah, the long awaited and much desired road trip. Just think of all the places you'd go and the people you'd meet and all the things you'd like to see. The gentle rolling hills of farmland in New Glasgow, the long flat sections of highway leading to New Brunswick, the beautiful countryside views of Maine and the huge trees and skunk filled forests of West Virginia. Then you'd head on down the coast to Florida and then onto Houston and finally Mexico until the spring breaks and then back up the California Coast for a long overdue mountain biking adventure in BC. Eventually, you'd find yourself camping and hiking in Jasper and Banff, checking out the views of the Grasslands and visiting family in Winnipeg and Ontario before heading home for a new set of tires and a feed of fish, chips, dressing and gravy.

Out of nowhere, the winter wind whips you back into your crumb filled seat, and once again you find yourself staring at your dust covered steering wheel and the empty wet red cup hanging from your hand, now dripping it's cold brown tasteless liquid into your console. Ah, it was nice to dream.

You snap yourself out of your stupor and carefully remove the cold, dripping lid from your cup and place it aside. Then you anxiously prime the tips of your tired brittle fingers for the long and arduous task of getting the rim to actually unroll. Then, just for a single second, you draw in your breath and hold it as you allow yourself to imagine again how nice it would be to hop in that Jeep and get the hell out of Dodge. Slowly, you coax the tiny white coffee soaked cardboard rim to uncurl, gingerly revealing the speckled baby blue lines and small black letters of your precariously balanced fate underneath. You hold it up to the light, push the rim out straight so you can squint your eyes just enough to read it, and wait, what does it say? Yep. You guessed it. Please. Play. Again.

What's the biggest challenge you are facing in your life right now? I probably wouldn't be any good to you this week because I seem to be in the midst of a winter meltdown. Today is Friday, however, so that's good. If you want to check in with me on Monday, I'll probably be feeling better and hopefully in a better frame of mind to offer you some help. For now, I'm going to go cook myself and my family a nice supper of chinese chicken fried rice and attempt to practise what I so dearly love to preach. Have a great weekend everybody!

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Chat. Feel Better. Repeat.

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Tamara Dodgson is a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach and Life Strategist with Forward Coaching and Consulting Services. Utilizing the most powerful principles and strategies from master Strategic Interventionists, Tamara offers a sound, knowledgeable and dependable methodology for change, whether it relates to matters of the individual, couple, family, partnership, company, organization or community. She has successfully helped her clients navigate through hundreds of unique and challenging life situations, often involving complex issues such as smoking and shopping addictions, separation and divorce, anxiety and stress and work related challenges. Tamara empowers her clients by helping them identify what they want, teaching them a successful and proven methodology for change and providing them with measurable and lasting results. You can connect with her on Facebook at Forward Coaching & Consulting Services, on LinkedIn at Tamara Dodgson, on her website at www.tamaradodgson.com, or via email at coaching@tamaradodgson.com.

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