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Updated: Mar 10, 2019

I lay in bed this morning feeling sorry for myself. My relationship of 3 years was over, my house was in the midst of a reno, scaffolding scaling one side and my front walkway resembling a mini rock quarry with piles of dirt, rock and concrete strewn about and I was on my own to deal with it all. I was having a full on pity party.

My phone lit up with a text notification, I had it in sleep mode so as not to be distracted from my self inflicted misery. As if her spidey sense was tingling, a women who I respect and admire was inviting me to be a guest blogger on her blog. My first reaction in my current state of mind was not one of instant excitement, quite the opposite. What could I possibly have of interest to blog about? I pushed the idea aside and numbly logged into Facebook, in doing so stumbled on to a couple of uplifting videos. Inspiring enough to lift my sorry ass out of bed.

The shower is where I do my best thinking. Like looking up at the sun coming out from behind the clouds, the steaming water envelopes me with warmth and calm. I realized in that calmness that one of the things I do best is give people hope.

In my office I have a large HOPE decal stuck to my glass desk. It kept falling of my wall but I couldn’t bring my self to throw it away. Everyday I speak with clients to assist them with their mortgage needs but it is much more than that. I help clients purchase their first home, going thru divorce, loss of a spouse, building a budget, planning for the future, rebuilding credit, financial distress etc. But beneath the transaction is a person with a story, some of which are heart breaking. In that moment I often share stories of other clients (never divulging their identity of course) in doing so, I usually witness an instant shift in their energy. They realize they are not alone, that their situation is not as dire as they may feel in that moment. In a nutshell I am giving them hope and helping them focus on gratitude.

WHAM! It hits me! No, not the cold water, I haven’t drained the hot water tank yet. I need to do for myself what I do best for others. Step one: Realize things could be much worse, Step two: focus on the many things I have to be grateful for.

WHAM! It hits me again! I have something to blog about! HOPE.

Like love, hope costs nothing to share but it is a priceless gift and we need to give it to ourselves as often as we give it to others. I have a wonderful life, a great circle of family, friends and colleagues, a home (all be it in chaos but it is mine), good health, an amazing career full of untapped potential, a car to get me to and fro, money in the bank and a stocked fridge. But most importantly I have a bottomless reservoir of HOPE which I will continue to dish out every day with a dash of love and a sprinkle of gratitude to who every person who wants a helping and even for those who may not know they need it.

Thank you Tamara, you are this woman that I respect and admire. Your coaching has taught me so much about myself and others. I am a better version of myself because of your guidance and friendship. While this wasn’t intended to be a plug for your coaching services you have impacted my personal and professional life profoundly and I can’t help but let anyone and everyone who will listen know it! Most importantly you have given me hope and taught me throughout our sessions that everything I need to be happy, find peace and success is within me, and that “I am enough”.

Feel free to share with anyone you feel needs a dose of hope. xo

Tonia Power is a Mortgage Advisor with East Coast Mortgage Brokers in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Committed to providing exceptional value and prompt reliable service, Tonia is able to understand the needs of her clients, offer sound, objective and knowledgable advice, provide choices from a multitude of lenders and find the best suited lender based on the client's individual needs. Tonia is very passionate about using her 20+ years of business and teaching expertise in building trust and respect with her clients by ensuring they are educated and supported through out every step of the mortgage process and beyond.

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