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Is the 2017 - Your Year of Transformation Program Right for Me?

Here are some questions you could ask yourself to find out:

Do I feel the way that I want to feel on a regular basis, or are there times when I could be feeling happier, more positive and more enthusiastic about my life?

The 2017 – Your Year of Transformation Program will help you to understand and take control over your emotional state. Learning the tools and strategies of Strategic Intervention will dramatically change the way you think, feel and behave on a daily basis!

Do I have any self-limiting beliefs that are keeping me from reaching my goals or achieving the life and mindset that I want? Have I been able to overcome them on my own?

If you have not yet achieved the lifestyle and mindset that will empower you moving forward, it may be because you have some limiting beliefs that are preventing you from standing in your power. The 2017 – Your Year of Transformation Program is designed to help you transform your limiting beliefs and allow you to take back your power and stand in your own authenticity. When your behavior is congruent with your deepest values and beliefs, your life becomes much easier and much more enjoyable!

How would it benefit me to have a Certified Life Coach & Strategist helping me break through my habitual patterns and limitations while supporting, educating, challenging and inspiring me to fulfill my purpose and reach my full potential?

Any respectable and well-informed Coach knows that you are the “expert” in your own life. The goal of the 2017 – Your Year of Transformation Program is to guide and support you through the process of personal transformation. It isn’t about becoming something that someone else thinks you should be – it’s about you becoming all that you are meant to be, and achieving all that you are capable of achieving.

How do I know if I’m going to get the value for my money?

The Program is designed so that you can purchase each month of lessons individually. If you decide that you’re not happy with what you get, you can discontinue the Program with no obligation whatsoever. The information provided in the Program has already helped dozens of Coaching Clients move forward with their lives and businesses – many of whom have claimed that the same information has actually helped save their lives!

Do I feel that my needs are being met regularly in ways that are positive, constructive and helpful to myself, my family and my community?

The backbone of this Program is the content that teaches you about the driving force behind everything you do. By understanding the Six Human Needs and how they operate in your life, you will begin to see how your priorities are setting you up for your current life experience. This Program will include assessing and re-arranging your needs to help you experience more of what you wish to experience in your life.

Do I often feel frustrated, angry or resentful and would I like to feel that I have more control over my life and my situation?

By connecting you with your most valuable and empowering resources, this Program will help you take ownership of your own life experience so that you can overcome any challenges you may have and begin creating a life that is amazing, authentic, powerful and totally connected to your deepest values and beliefs!

Do I often find myself so busy taking care of everyone else that I seldom make time for myself and my own needs?

The 2017 – Your Year of Transformation Program is designed to put you back in control over your life and wellbeing. The very first lesson focuses on wellness and self-care! Instead of continuing on the path to burnout and exhaustion, you will begin to harness your energy, reduce your stress and learn ways to achieve a better life balance.

Do I feel confident in my own abilities and do I have a clear understanding about who I am and what I want?

Getting clear about your values and beliefs and the things that are most important to you is essential to creating a very powerful, authentic and well thought out plan. In this Program, we dive deep into your story and the beliefs you hold about yourself that could be limiting you and we transform those beliefs so that we can empower you to become the best possible version of yourself!

Still not sure about signing up? Send me an email with your questions and I will be happy to answer them for you!

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