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Self Worth & Empowerment Coach

Hi, my name is Tamara Dodgson and I’m a Self-Worth and Empowerment Coach to High Achievers and Female Entrepreneurs.


I know what it’s like to work so hard to climb the ladder of success - to be the one taking care of everything and everyone, never taking time for yourself or your own needs.


I know what it’s like to be a single parent, juggling 3 children, a career, caring for a loved one dying of cancer and being abandoned in the midst of it all by somebody I truly believed was the love of my life!


Now, I’m not a person who likes to talk about their struggles, but back in 2010, I literally felt like I had reached the end of my rope!


I had given so much of myself for so long, in every single aspect of my life, and yet when I looked around me, everything in my life seemed to be falling apart.


I had lost myself in my marriage and it had crumbled. I found out that the man I was dating and in love with was addicted to drugs. I discovered that my youngest daughter had been exposed to something extremely disturbing at the babysitter's and I had to go to court alone to represent myself against the people who were supposed to be taking care of her. 


I had spent months looking after my father while he was sick, I was struggling to maintain everything at work because people didn’t understand what was happening and I couldn’t talk about it, and I still had to be there to take care of my children and my family. No matter how heavy the burdens became, the only thing I knew how to do was to keep going. ...


You see, up to that point in my life, I wasn’t even aware of what it meant to have personal boundaries. All my life I had been dealing with stress, trauma and neglect as a result of my father’s alcohol abuse, and when he was diagnosed with cancer in February of that year, my mother had already left him, so I was the only one left to take care of him.


Now don’t get me wrong - in many ways I was happy and grateful to get the opportunity to spend that time with him, but it certainly wasn’t easy, and watching him being consumed by his disease was one of the most difficult and painful experiences I’ve ever had. When he passed away four months later, I was left devastated, alone, depressed and completely depleted. 


The loneliness and despair I felt at that time forced me to look at my life and question everything I thought I knew about myself.


I knew I had failed on so many levels to protect myself; that over and over again I had consciously chosen to ignore the signs and situations where I knew when certain things were not okay. I knew I had to change my life - I just didn’t know where to begin or how I was going to go about doing it.


Now I’ll be honest, after studying self-help and personal growth for decades, I had really began to wonder if I would ever find the answers I was looking for.


Sure I had learned a ton about self-improvement and some of that was really powerful, but I could never quite find the sweet spot to figuring out human behaviour or how to 'crack the code' so that I could create my own level of personal mastery.


But when I discovered Strategic Intervention, all that changed!

Through that training, I was finally able to learn and understand why my father made the choices that he did, why I felt the need to go above and beyond in every situation, regardless of the risks, the circumstances or the cost, and most importantly, I learned how the story that I had been carrying around my entire life was nothing but a skewed and limited version of what my life was really meant to be.


What I learned is that the reason we women focus so much on others is because that’s where we tend to get our sense of certainty, significance and self-worth. But what happens so often is that we end up burning out because we focus so much on others that we end up neglecting ourselves. We become victims of self-sacrifice and self-denial, and we actually use this pain to help us meet our needs!


I learned that the real truth about self-sacrifice is that it is a negative pattern of behaviour that we’ve become accustomed to using for our own benefit!


Understanding how my own behaviour and beliefs had been causing all my pain and causing me to continually manifest difficult situations and sometimes even toxic relationships was so liberating - it really gave me back a sense of control and it helped me to see that I was not only creating my own reality but that I also had the power to change it! It was such an amazing and empowering experience!


Instead of focusing on what I needed to be for everyone else, I was finally able to start focusing on who I was and what I wanted for my life. Strategic Intervention gave me the power to stand in my own truth and helped me to create my life from the inside out - based on what I wanted and what was most important to me!


I want to help you shift your focus back on you - to help you give back to yourself - to fill your own cup and enable you to meet your own needs in a more conscious and constructive way, so that you can reach a whole new level of personal fulfillment in your life!


Right now you may feel empty - exhausted - inadequate - or imbalanced. I want to help you change that, and to help you finally put an end to this self-inflicted struggle!

I’m here to tell you that It’s time to start changing your beliefs about yourself, your story and your self-worth, and about what you deserve and are capable of!


It’s my belief that we women are not really longing for manicures, spa treatments, vacations or a night out - what we’re really longing for is the ability to feel like we are enough. We long for recognition, validation, appreciation and our own mental, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing!


Your heart is crying out for love and attention - your soul cries out for you to honor yourself, your body and your life! You want to be healthy and you know you need to take care of yourself - but up to now you’ve been denying yourself and your needs.


The thing I want you to know is, taking better care of yourself and giving yourself what you need really is the ultimate way of giving to others! 


The reality is that all those people you care about and who depend on you need you to take care of you!!!  It’s time to stop asking “How can I be and do more?” and start asking “what do I need?” instead.


Right now, I want to offer you the opportunity to step into your power and reclaim your energy, your vitality and your life! 


For a limited time, I’m going to give you a full, free, one hour Strategic Intervention Strategy Session so we can help you finally stop feeling guilty and help you get back in the flow - feeling satisfied, centred and fulfilled!


I know you probably feel frustrated and maybe even a little overwhelmed right now, but I want you to know that you already have everything you need to get what you want.


By focusing on what’s most important to you and providing you with a little guidance and support, I can help you get clarity around this problem and help you define it in a way that will make it quickly and easily solvable, so you can finally take back control and start creating the life you really desire!


I’ll help you stop feeling inadequate and stop trying so hard to be perfect - I want to help you stop being so unfair to yourself and stop trying to be everything to everyone. I want you to know that you are enough! 


I’m going to help you to stop the pattern of self-sabotage and learn how to love and accept yourself fully and completely - so that in the future, you will no longer feel pulled or obligated to help others. Instead you’ll be able to give from a healthier place of love and contribution because your own cup will already be overflowing!


All you have to do is click on the link below, and sign up for your full free one hour Strategic Intervention Strategy Session. Don’t wait, because I promise you, this session could literally be the turning point in your life!


Click on the link below and schedule your free strategy session today! I’m really looking forward to meeting you!


Let me show you how to stand in your truth, listen to your soul, and let your heart open to the possibilities that exist for you. Your opportunities await, and your best life is calling you to awaken. Are you ready?


Call to schedule your free Consultation Session today!

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"All my life I've searched for answers.        Strategic Intervention helped me find them."

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